Second Nature
National Museum of Singapore

Singapore has historically been a thriving port of call, with its deep natural harbour and bustling trade attracting settlers and immigrants from all over the world. Of those who settled in 19th-century Singapore, William Farquhar, the first Resident and Commandant of Singapore, was also a keen naturalist who made important botanical and zoological discoveries on the Malay Peninsula, and commissioned local artists to document what he saw.

Most Singaporeans today are familiar with the story of Singapore’s successful urban growth, from a port settlement bustling with trade to a First World nation complete with a modern skyline of concrete and glass. As caring for our natural environment may not seem like second nature to us in today’s urban society, this installation serves as a reminder that Singapore was and still is home to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Second Nature is an experiential retelling of Singapore’s natural history, presented through an interactive ecosystem of unique flora and fauna inspired by the drawings commissioned by William Farquhar. Through this immersive and interactive experience, Insert Coin seeks to inspire newfound curiosity towards Singapore’s rich ecological heritage.

Mentions + Credits
Creative: Roomforerror
Production & Build: H.A.M. Creations
Video: Jenson Lee

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