Leather Forever – An Exhibition of Hermès Leather Hermès,
Art Science Musuem Marina Bay Sands

In honor of Singapore’s fifty years of independence, Hermès created five unique miniature Kellydoll bags inspired by the original Kelly conceived in 1999 by Jean-Louis Dumas. Exhibited at the Art Science Musuem, Marina Bay Sands during the Singapore leg of Hermès’ Leather Forever world tour, the Star Bags concluded visitors’ journey through Hermès’ 170-year relationship with leather by inviting visitors into a whimsical garden, elaborately constructed to emulate the delicate embroidery with which the Star Bags were adorned with.

With fireflies gently blinking in the background and gravel under their feet, Insert Coin built a life-sized garden, for visitors to step in and observe the Star Bags up-close, as the bags playfully swayed on mechanized swings hanging from a domed hideout.

Insert Coin also provided the build support for the Little Room of Wanders, an exhibition on the lawn of the Asian Civilizations Musuem showcasing pieces from the private collection of the Emile Hermes museum in Paris.

Mentions + Credits:
Lekker Design, Hermès Singapore and Hermès Paris. Build and fabrication by H.A.M. Creations

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