Absolut Canvas
Singapore Night Festival

Inspired by the Absolut bottle as a symbolic canvas for creative collaboration, Insert Coin transformed visitors into musicians through four larger-than-life musical pods, each shaped in the iconic silhouette of Absolut bottles. The four pods featured sections of a musical set: drums, bass, lead and arpeggio.

Entering each pod, visitors were given the freedom to place an Absolut Vodka bottle within a palette of four sound slots. Each slot played a unique track that corresponded to the music section of said pod (i.e. one of four unique arpeggio tracks). As visitors exercised their creativity in devising the most upbeat tunes, illuminated halos above each pod provided visual feedback to each sections’ beat and intensity.

Together, visitors realized a song as all four pods played tracks from the four music sections, with the song changing in real time as different visitors changed the drums, bass, lead and arpeggio tracks on the fly.

Mentions + Credits:
Design and concept created in collaboration with G.O.V.T.

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